How to Improve Your Careers Page to Source Better Candidates

It used to be very simple to reach out to job applicants. You’d call your local newspaper or radio station, send over a copy of the job description and application instructions, and candidates would pour in. Today’s media landscape is very different. The places people go to find news and information are very fragmented. This is also true for the places people go to find out about new employment opportunities. One of the best ways to develop better applicant sourcing is to make sure your careers page is top-notch.

Here are some tips on how you can reach candidates in new ways:

  1. Make sure that your company has a careers page that focuses on the applicants. Instead of speaking about your company’s culture from a high-level point of view, provide examples of how your people live your company’s values. A great example of this would be to provide testimonials from current employees in your most needed positions.
  2. Provide the applicant with an easy way to apply online. Today’s job candidates expect convenience in how they communicate and apply for jobs. Many applicants will be unable or unwilling to print a paper copy of an application off. You can have your web-designer create a short application form, or even utilize a third-party solution (like IntelliHire) to provide a pre-built application and screening.
  3. Let candidates connect with you directly through social media from your careers site. If you don’t already have a way for candidates to reach out in non-traditional ways such as Facebook and Twitter, it could be beneficial for you to adopt a more ‘open’ approach to candidate relationship management. As with online applications, there are many ways to approach social integration with your careers site. If you are looking for a pre-built solution consider third-party Applicant Tracking Systems that directly integrate with your website.

If you would like to speak with a member of the IntelliHire team to learn more about how we can help you make your careers page more applicant friendly and make it work for you, leave us a message below.