Leverage Your Sourcing Options for the 2016 Labor Market


Do you have trouble filling your open positions? 2015 was a tight labor market for many employers, but research shows that developing labor trends in 2016 may bring more success to your recruitment strategy, if you’re prepared to take advantage of the tools at your disposal.

According to Indeed’s Hiring Lab, 25% of American workers have a goal of finding a new job in 2016, while another 27% are open to finding new work this year, and the majority of those job seekers are going to use Indeed as part of their search for a new job. Indeed received visits from 200 million unique visitors in January of this year, more than Monster, CareerBuilder, and GlassDoor combined.

How does IntelliHire enter the picture? Our platform automatically posts your jobs to Indeed for free, and funnels your Indeed traffic into our applicant tracking system. Not only do we provide easy access to Indeed’s applicant traffic, but our screening system will help you sort and qualify your applicants to save time in finding the right candidates.

Since the beginning of this year, over 60% of applicants to jobs hosted on IntelliHire’s has been traffic funneled by Indeed into our platform. Some of our clients have received hundreds of applicants for their open positions in just the last month. This underscores the value of our screening system as it empowers employers to ensure that only qualified applicants move forward, and helps to make better, informed choices in selecting candidates to move forward with.

If you have a diversified sourcing strategy (and you should), IntelliHire also sells CareerBuilder postings at a discount, and we offer social media integration that lets you build and schedule entire recruiting campaigns for your Facebook or Twitter with only a few clicks.

Many employers found it difficult to find new employees in 2015, but 2016 is a new start, and we have the tools to help achieve success in recruiting.



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